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Director, Supply Chain and Logistics ***Completed***

Fatigue Science is the world’s leader in fatigue measurement, prediction and analysis solutions. FS is at the forefront of providing accurate and reliable fatigue scoring and predictions to industrial workforces, professional sports and military personnel. With the Readiband mobile software application and wearable technology, Fatigue Science is empowering individuals and organizations around the world to be healthier, safer, and perform at higher levels.

Their proprietary wearable program will consist of multiple relatively simple devices with a big job: capture reliable actigraphic and usage data from its accelerometer and several sensors and deliver that data via Bluetooth to a mobile device and ultimately to our cloud- based proprietary software.   The devices must be fit-for-purpose and exceed our users’ expectations for quality, reliability and performance for a sleep detection wearable device.

With an all-star Board and CEO, their Vision is clear, funding is solid, and they are continuing to grow and innovate in this quickly evolving space, with a strong foothold in US Military, Professional Sports teams and the corporate world.

The Director of Supply Chain and Logistics will take overall responsibility for the Readiband platform including HW engineering design, ODM relationship management, as well as overall device manufacture including cost and quality.  The quality aspect of the role includes oversight of the HW quality management system.  In addition, this role will be responsible for the technical aspects of FS’s relationship with the providers of other 3rd Party devices that will be integrated with FS’s proprietary software solution. Finally, the Director will oversee inventory management and global customer fulfillment.


Design & Manufacturing:

  • Working closely with Product management, lead the technical aspects of HW design and manufacturing from specification to design and through prototyping to general production of our newest Readiband models.

  • Lead the technical integration with 3rd Party device platforms.

  • Work with the contract HW engineering design partners and/or ODMs to establish cost-effective, high-quality products that meet the performance specifications.

    • Collaborate with HW engineering design partners and/or ODM’s to establish and meet performance expectation and identify risks and potential challenges associated with technology transfer to ODM partners.

    • Work with HW engineering designers and ODM’s to determine if it is possible to tailor reference designs to meet the requirements for Fatigue Science.

    • Collaborate with ODM/manufacturing partners to establish supply chain, manufacturing and delivery standards/expectations and associated contractual frameworks.

    • Collaborate with ODM/manufacturing partners to establish continuous improvements to manufacturing designs and processes in order to control costs and ensure quality standards.

  • Oversee the HW quality management system and define quality and conformance standards for production and ensure the ODM partners meet these standards and the necessary quality systems.

  • Evaluate raw material risk exposure and work with global operation teams to develop and execute mitigation strategies.

Supply Chain, Inventory & Logistic:

  • Build a strategy for effective direct delivery process and procedures direct to customers or distribution hubs.

  • Provide leadership and expertise to set supply chain metrics to allow for optimal planning.

  • Manage the production schedule, inventory levels and fulfillment from customer order to delivery. Specifically, collaborate with Sales to drive sales forecasting and demand planning activities to enable appropriate inventory levels and fulfillment processes in order to set and meet customer expectations.

  • Coordinate activities between Sales and Engineering and ODM/manufacturing partners re: purchasing, production, quality management and supply chain and take ownership of communications between HW Engineering Design and ODM partners overseeing the entire supply chain function to ensure timely delivery of products

  • Continuously monitor sales demand and supply chain, manufacturing, inventory and fulfillment operations and confer with ODM/manufacturing partners to resolve production or component supply challenges in order to ensure customer commitments are fulfilled on time with quality products.

Quality Management:

  • Enhance and implement improvements to the Quality Management Systems that ensure rigorous quality and performance standards for ODM/manufacturing and supply chain partners and adherence to the standards including, in conjunction with the design team and hardware team, establish minimum quality measurements.

  • Working with ODM/manufacturing partners monitor and report on key quality metrics to ensure quality and production targets are met.

  • Work closely with ODM/manufacturing partners to prevent and address part non-conformances.

  • Work closely with Engineering and ODM/manufacturing partners to analyze product/assembly/part defects for root cause and implement corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence.

  • Design, implement and participate in DFMEA processes related to HW design and supply chain management, supply chain and manufacturing.

Strategy, Contracts and Negotiations:

  • Manage supplier relationships and assume responsibility for all procurement procedures and activities.

  • Identify and communicate to senior management potential threats, risks to on time/budget delivery.

  • Lead supply agreement negotiations

  • Lead and direct improvement in vendor and contract management processes


  • 5+ years in supply chain with ODM partners

  • Experience with working manufacturing companies based in China

  • 5+ years of experience overseeing the selection of reference design or working with hardware designers

    • Able to evaluate electronics specifications and select appropriate quality and cost

    • Able to review and recommend adjustments for quality and efficient production

  • Able to read technology specifications and select appropriate reference designs for products

  • Strong communications and negotiation skills in working with contractors to ensure effective contracts and agreements.

  • Mandarin language skills would be an asset.

  • Ability to convey technical information in simple and accessible terms to executive leadership, team members, customers and partners.

  • A hands-on leader that works well cross-functionally and has a passion for working in a fast-paced team environment

Please contact if interested