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President, Digital Media ***Completed***

How fast would LinkedIn have grown if it had started with a community of over 8 million highly-engaged users already on the platform? It took the founding team close to five years of heavy-lifting to get to the tipping point before big things began to happen. What if you had the opportunity to join and lead that team in 2007 with everything you know now about social networks?

If this piques your interest, then continue reading.

Our client is a leading global hub for small and midcap investors looking to find relevant financial news, access to expert analysis and opinions and share knowledge and information. The members are smart, affluent investors actively researching equities and looking for new opportunities. Our client provides public companies with access to this captive audience of investors and provides a real ROI for investor marketing and communication dollars spent.

The leadership team has identified several opportunities for the company to engage its audience further and become the premier investor community by creating a global social network of high-worth investors. To realize this goal, the team has decided to engage a new executive team member as President to build the strategic plan and lead the company into this exciting new future.

The President will take over leadership of the company and ensure the continuity of profitable operations. Concurrently, the President will immerse him/herself in the company’s culture and market place with the intent of gaining expert knowledge of market opportunities and company capabilities over the first 180 days. During this time, the President will assess various opportunities for revenue growth and monetization of the community with the intention of presenting a long-term strategic plan to grow.


  • 5 years' in digital media and social networks with direct experience in building and engaging an online community

  • 10 years’ experience in a leadership role in a midsized entrepreneurial company

  • Ability to quickly learn new technology and communicate a clear value proposition to customers

  • Proven experience in operational leadership in comparable companies preferably web-based technology or media

  • Experienced at managing the P&L for a company or division

  • Mentoring leadership style knows how to inspire exceptional effort and achieve results

For more information please contact:

Tim Swanson