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VP Engineering

About the Company

Bit Quill is a world class developer of data connectivity software, in both the relational and multidimensional spaces. BC owned and operated, the executive team has deep domain knowledge and customer relationships spanning decades, which they are able to leverage to build a world class team of 25 top professionals, offering the tools training and opportunities to match.  Since their inception 2 years ago they have already achieved profitability and are proud to be an employee owned organization.

Their unique ‘secret sauce’ is that they develop complex technical solutions for engineering teams within large multinational software companies. Their specialization is primarily around back-end and mobile; SDKs that are licensed by leading ISVs including Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.  With technology and experience is data connectivity standards such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, ODBO, and XMLA as well as deep knowledge of database query languages such as SQL and MDX, Bit Quill is unique in the world. 

Position Description

Bit Quill has rapidly built a team of software development experts and established a solid reputation for delivering high quality products on tight development timelines.  To further growth, we seek a seasoned Head of Engineering to lead the development team and realize synergies through developing streamlined processes and mentorship. Reporting to the CEO, the Head of Engineering will act as the chief technology and engineering representative to executive level customers. An engineer by passion as well as education, the Head of Engineering will thrive on staying close to the team of 20+ engineers, participating in the design and project delivery process.

The varied responsibilities include:

  • Supervise, mentor and manage (including recruiting, hiring, performance appraisal, motivating) Bit Quill’s high-energy and multi-disciplinary engineering team.

  • Be the key point of contact for statements of work, project plans and RFPs.

  • Work closely and collaboratively with Business Development and Product Management teams

  • Develop procedures and processes to enhance the team’s effectiveness and quality of results

  • Provide long term vision and structural planning to maintain productivity and efficiencies

  • Represent engineering best practices regarding the quality of projects and project plans

  • Support, challenge and mentor the development teams to enhance their business acumen regarding good development practices and project estimation and delivery

  • Maintain a highly effective and collaborative working environment

  • Continuously strive to enhance productivity and represent the value of near-shore development over off-shore out-sourcing to the market

  • Successfully manage SR&ED and IRAP Canadian Government grant/subsidy programs.

Key Qualifications

  • Experience in developing products and services on a wide range of technology platforms.

  • Good depth of knowledge in database and connectivity solutions

  • Passionate about technology staying close to new technical developments, trends and the latest in software development tools

  • Strategic technical vision to continuously assess market trends to keep the teams’ development skills sets ahead of the curve

  • Highly developed engineering skills to translate concepts into timelines, milestones and budgets

  • Highly developed problem-solving skills

  • Experienced in all phases of the systems development lifecycle

  • Experienced with both agile and traditional development methodologies given the range of clients

  • Extensive project management experience, including knowledge and experience with PMI.

Business Skills:

  • Able to successfully nurture and manage customer relationships

  • Clear understanding of the costs of business, training and internal investments

  • Ability to assess and develop and manage within aggressive time/resource budgets and implement cost controls

  • Exceptional business communication skills and business acumen to identify on-going opportunities with current customers

  • Develop persuasive development proposals and execution plans

Personal Attributes:

  • Strong hands-on leadership skills

  • Extraordinary communicator, facilitator and motivator - able to be concise and thrifty with words

  • Ability to listen, advise, mentor and lead as a peer as well as a Head of Engineering.

  • Extensive customer facing experience as a service provider, engineer and business development executive - ideally this would include systems analysis, design and development experience using a variety of methodologies.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • MBA and a 4-year university degree in computer science or equivalent

  • 10+ years of experience in engineering leadership

  • PMP/PMI designation

  • Experience supervising technical teams of 15 or more

  • Experience in database and data connectivity software

  • Be tech-agnostic with solid knowledge in a breadth of current technologies, including Node.js and Big Data, SaaS and cloud deployments as well as a variety of RDBMS’

  • Some exposure to a professional service environment will be an advantage

  • An entrepreneurial spirit which may or may not include experience within a startup environment.

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